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Supporting founders in developing their business as intensely as possible

Fabian Thylmann, founder

Who We Are

Fabian Thylmann started his career as programmer right out of school in 1997, starting his first company focusing on statistical analysis and high traffic websites. Through his own projects as well as working for multiple companies, he began to notice the inefficiencies in their technical setups and thus, in 2007, started buying up companies first in Europe, then in the US, drastically increasing their profitability quickly.

Within just 5 years, he built the biggest adult entertainment company in the world, Manwin, supported by a Wall Street Credit. With offices in 5 countries, over 1200 employees and serving over 65 million unique visitors a day, its reach and size surpassed everything previously known in the industry.

Having sold all his shares end of 2013, he now focuses on investing in startups, in many different verticals.

STATSnet BVBA, under the brand SN Invests, is a small investment company helping startups get their early life right and think big. With a team of 5, we like to brainstorm together with prospects about their problems and opportunities, focussing on adding value as a mentor independently from a possible investment.

What We Do

Our aim is to support the founders in developing their business as intensely as possible.

Especially for early-stage investments we place value on outstanding management that blazes new trails well off the beaten path.

The financing of market leaders is a shared journey involving several stages. It is a journey in which we work with established financial investors, acting as the lead or co-investor. Our typical investment is between 0.125 and 5 million euros.

We identify opportunities, build companies and retain ownership over time.

Our primary focus is on building proven, transaction-based business models in the online and mobile space. We are however not limited by such parameters and seize other attractive opportunities whenever they arise.

Established in 1999 in Brussels, Belgium, the company is now headquatered in Luxembourg.

Our Core Investment Groups

  • Internet B2B
  • Internet B2C
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Real-Estate

Proud History, Promising Future

The "STATSnet" years (2000-06)

Multiple Webstatistic Projects (2000-03)

  • STATSnet founded (2000)

    Founded in 2000, STATSnet focused on statiscial tools to analyse internet traffic of the emerging world wide web. It laid the foundation for the success of internal and external future projects. Many of these unique and innovative statical tools changed how we use the internet to date.

NATS (2004-07)

One of the biggest traffic sources of the internet both in the past and up until today are adult entertainment websites. NATS was born with this industries needs, to combine traffic analysis data both for customer and affiliate partner handling features. Sold in 2007, this software remains as a standard in it’s industry.

The "Manwin" years (2007-13)

  • European Adultcommunities (2008)

    With the knowledge acquired through NATS within the online adult industry, the first european adult entertainment projects were acquired. The revenue of both projects was increased by 50% within just three months after their acquisition because of smart tweaks to their existing features.

  • Mansef Exclusive Content Websites + Traffic Network (2009)

    Through the backing of the success with the first projects, the Mansef Company located in Montreal (Canada) was then acquired next in 2009. Financed through a risky but clever deal. The strength of this company was build on its famous exclusive content websites and a powerful traffic network. Renamed into Manwin, the Vision of the biggest and best online adult entertainment company was born.

  • Financing (2010)

    Finding new investors to reach the visionary goal to be the biggest and best took most of the time between the years 2010 and 2011. These efforts ended in an unprecedented 350+ Million US dollar debt deal for Manwin.

Playboy, Digital Playground + other acquisitions (2011-13)

  • Playboy Online + TV (2011)

    Backed by the investment capital, famous brands in the adult business were acquired. Manwin took over the entire Online and TV business of the Playboy brand as well as oponents like Digital Playground. Those acquisitions strengthened the position of Manwin’s role as the the biggest player in it’s industry. By the end of 2012 Manwin had over 1200 employees and offices in Luxembourg, Cyprus, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada and USA.

The "SN Invests" years (2014-ongoing)

Since early 2014, SN Invests is looking for interesting projects to invest in, focusing on seed investments as an angel investor. Through the company experience plus Mr. Thylmann’s enteprenourship which brings allong a brilliant set of contacts for higher 2nd round investments, your project could benefit multifold. Contact us at [email protected]

  • Management Buyout (2013)

    After his visionary goal was reached, Fabian Thylmann decided to leave Manwin to focus more on privat matters and find a better work - life balance.

  • Maple Apps (April 2014)

    German based App development company.

  • GiantSwarm (July 2014)

    Simple Microservice Infrastructure - We're working hard to build your native container infrastructure. Simple. Resilient. Forever.

  • PreCouture.com (was MyBeautifulDressing) (September 2014)

    Preorder Fashion straight from the runway.

  • Okolo (October 2014)

    If you own a multicopter with camera, Okolo helps you capture amazing 360 aerial panoramas. Fly to desired vantage point, take photos and let Okolo take care of the rest or let Okolo do everything for you in fully automated mode.

  • Spencer & Hill (December 2014)

    Traditional Italian Restaurant concept started in Cologne, Germany.

  • Shelterr (March 2015)

    Tell us where you want to live. New Real-Estate web platform headquatered in Belgium and expanding into Europe quickly.

  • Magu (August 2015)

    Real Fruit + Energy - A Vegan, Halal, Real Fruit Softdrink with 50% fruit contents and no added sugars. The Energy Drink of the health-contious.

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